COVID-19 Relief Continued

Continued Support Through the COVID-19 Epidemic On April 7, we published an article on how we were hoping to support the efforts of clinical engineers … Read more

COVID Relief

Supporting Clinical Engineering through COVID-19 This COVID 19 public health pandemic has everyone hyper-focused on safety and continuity of patient care. I was in … Read more

Continued Availability of Equipment Service Support Engineers

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – March 17, 2020 – Conquest Imaging, an MXR Imaging, Inc. company (formerly Merry X-Ray Corporation) announced that it will maintain Equipment … Read more

Enhancements to SIMPLIFY Probe Repair Program

TEE PROBE REPAIR AND MOBILE PROBE TESTING Stockton, CA, January 23, 2020 – Conquest Imaging, a leading provider of ultrasound parts, probes and service today … Read more

Philips Files Lawsuit Alleging Hacking of Medical Devices

Philips North America, the electronics giant that makes ultrasound equipment, is accusing Summit, a Seattle-based medical device repair service company, of stealing secrets. Philips recently … Read more

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