What is the Future of Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is more accessible than ever; the utility of ultrasound extends across the entire continuum of care and has become fundamental to providing cost-effective care … Read more

The Future of Healthcare: Predictions for the 2020s

No one can predict the future, but a good guess can come from the innovations coming out of the medical field. The inventions listed here … Read more

MXR COVID-19 Related Disinfection Damage Technical Alert Bulletins

Three Technical Alert Bulletins were issued in the month of September by MXR Ultrasound Division. All three bulletins were written by MXR repair engineers and … Read more

COVID-19 Relief Continued

Continued Support Through the COVID-19 Epidemic On April 7, we published an article on how we were hoping to support the efforts of clinical engineers … Read more

COVID Relief

Supporting Clinical Engineering through COVID-19 https://vimeo.com/403841639 This COVID 19 public health pandemic has everyone hyper-focused on safety and continuity of patient care. I was in … Read more

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