Blood Damaged Ultrasound Machine - Repairing the Unrepairable

Many times the accomplishments of the HTM go unsung. Being a member of the unsung hero club, Erasmo Sanchez was asked to write a few … Read more

Ultrasound Imaging Artifacts: How To Mitigate Them

Imaging artifacts can make reading an ultrasound’s image difficult. They can lead to misdiagnosis and the improper treatment of certain conditions and/or diseases. Understanding how … Read more

Ultrasound Imaging Artifacts: How To Recognize Them

Imaging techniques like ultrasounds are critical diagnostic tools used for locating and evaluating abnormalities in bodily tissues and organs. While these techniques are normally effective, … Read more

Common Medical Procedures That Use Ultrasound

The advent of ultrasound transformed the way we evaluate, diagnose, and treat certain medical conditions. It allowed for a more in-depth examination of lesions, masses, … Read more

How Pain Management Clinics Benefit From Ultrasound

Most of us are familiar with common pain management techniques, such as physical therapy, diet, exercise, natural approaches, medication, and medical procedures. But what about … Read more

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