It is incredibly valuable to ultrasound healthcare providers that they have the ability to maximize the warranty protection of purchased reconditioned ultrasound products.


Conquest Imaging delivers nothing short of factory-grade quality with ultrasound products that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications—all backed by our proprietary comprehensive Quality Assurance 360° approval process and a robust warranty (90 days to 6 months) for all ultrasound parts for total reassurance.


Conquest Imaging offers a full warranty on standard ultrasound probes because they are reconditioned to manufacturer specifications through Conquest Imaging’s Quality Assurance 360º process.  Our probes carry a robust six-month warranty on standard* probes.

When an ultrasound probe comes to Conquest Imaging for reconditioning, our transducer technology engineering team inspects, evaluates, troubleshoots, tests, reconditions, tests and then tests again to the original equipment manufacturer’s performance specification. Our proprietary QA 360º process is both technically rigorous and exhaustively repetitive to ensure nothing is missed and the quality of our reconditioned probes not only meet the OEM’s original performance specifications, but also provide the highest reliability possible. With such a high-caliber reconditioning process, Conquest Imaging can confidently provide a comprehensive extended warranty to customers. We think it’s important to ensure complete customer satisfaction and build trusting, long-term relationships with ultrasound healthcare providers. It’s how we operate day-in and day-out, and create top reasons they look to Conquest Imaging as the industry’s best ultrasound solution provider.


*30- to 90-day warranty on TEE probes—please call 866-900-9404 for details.

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