QA 360º Training

Our mantra for Quality Assurance 360º extends well beyond ultrasound service, systems, parts and probes, it applies to our education programs as well. From the monthly training classes to our level of ultrasound expertise, we work continuously to provide our customers the ultimate ultrasound experience. It’s one of the reasons Conquest Imaging is the premier leader in ultrasound.

In our education programs, we measure the quality of the learning experience for training attendees through interaction, surveys, final examinations and tracking how many students repeatedly return for additional classes. The feedback and metrics guide our progress and indicate how we can continuously improve, which we express as Quality Assurance 360º in education and training at Conquest Imaging.

Education and training programs are an important part of how we provide value to ultrasound healthcare providers, so perpetually striving to achieve Quality Assurance 360º is vital to Conquest Imaging’s future.

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