Do you know the difference between a used ultrasound part and a reconditioned ultrasound part? Many think they are alike, but that is not true—they are very different. The quality of a reconditioned ultrasound part is exceptionally better. Reconditioned parts are more thoroughly tested, then repaired, and reconditioned to meet the OEM’s original specification. Typically used ultrasound parts seem like a good deal because initially they are less expensive and appear to be an immediate fix to budget constraints. However, data shows that over the long term, used parts are more prone to problems and limited lifespans, which means repetitive repairs and/or replacements—and that ultimately costs your facility more than if a reconditioned part been purchased in the first place. So, there is a substantial difference and “reconditioned ultrasound parts” should always be the preferred choice to purchase—especially when they have the Conquest QA 360º seal of approval, the ultrasound industry’s trusted resource.

It takes some time to get ultrasound parts through the many steps of evaluation, repair, reconditioning and test, test, and test again in order to earn the Conquest Imaging Quality Assurance 360º approval. But that’s fine with us because we know the only way we can ensure the highest quality and most reliable ultrasound parts ship to you, is to do it our way—the Quality Assurance 360º way. “Our way” is a proprietary multi-step protocol that is rigorous and exhaustive from beginning to end. We stake our reputation on the value of Quality Assurance 360º and know it’s the cornerstone to customer satisfaction and our continued success as the leading Ultrasound total solution provider in the United States.

Standard Fix

Conquest Imaging has developed a proprietary process called the Standard Fix for repairing all major assemblies for most ultrasound systems. Through years of data collection and analysis, our Research and Development team has identified all the high failure components on individual assemblies and developed a process to proactively replace these items, even if they are currently functioning. This ensures the highest quality part that will outlast the competition and allows us to offer the best warranty in the industry.

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