Our Probe Quality Assurance 360º process is rooted in our many years of experience. We are the ultrasound experts you can rely upon for quick, thorough probe repair service. The basis for QA 360º is our unique, extremely reliable dual process for managing probe repair.

Typical repairs we perform are listed below:

  • Full Cosmetic Reconditioning: Scratches, missing paint, marks on cables and general cosmetics issues are corrected.
  • Connection Repair: Because of their nature connectors get a lot of use and may be prone to damage due to dropping.

Conquest Imaging will service your probe connector and repair pins, broken wires, dislocated devices, and repair damaged mechanical parts.

We’ve developed a unique, reliable process for managing probe repair. For most repairs, we use specialized probe repair partners evaluated by our own technology engineers who use regimented guidelines to validate the quality and longevity of repairs. When probe repairs are necessary, we select highly specialized probe repair partners that are evaluated by our own technical engineers using regimented quality assurance guidelines to validate the quality and longevity of repairs, as well as ensure these companies meet our strict QA 360º standards. When probe repairs are necessary, we select only the best company for specific probe types and models. Our customers rely on our years of expertise to fully vet these specialized probe repair companies and ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained.

Whether a probe is repaired internally by Conquest Imaging technology engineers, or sent externally to one of the specialized probe repair companies approved by us, all probes are validated by our Five-Step Quality Assurance 360º process, which includes:

  1. Physical inspection, mechanical verification and disinfection
  2. Electrical safety testing
  3. Scan with tissue-equivalent phantom
  4. First Call™ computerized evaluation of the cables and array
  5. Clinical scan in all modes of operation supported by the probe

The returned probe meets original equipment manufacturer’s specifications and can be put into use. That is what Quality Assurance 360º means to Conquest Imaging and we back each probe with the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

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