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What information do you need when ordering a replacement part?

You need the ultrasound system description, revision level and part number. Our customer service staff is trained to ask you any other questions that help us identify what your needs are. Our customer service representatives are available 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Our Technology and Logistics facility is fully stocked with over 15,000 parts that can be delivered overnight to any site in the nation. Emergency parts can in some cases be delivered same day, if necessary.

Why not go with the OEM when asking for service, parts or technical support?

Well, in general you are going to pay more for service and travel hours. Generally, they charge 30% to 9 50% more than Conquest Imaging. Engineers at OEMs are more directed toward their new system installations and repairs. We specialize in supporting not only the new but also older systems as well. Mind you, an “older system” can be last year’s model. Nevertheless, we have knowledge that extends more than 20 years, so our engineers are able to respond to a wide variety of systems.

How long will my ultrasound system be serviceable?

Systems that receive semi-annual maintenance and prompt repairs when required should provide reliable operation and diagnostic studies for fifteen years or longer. You should plan that semi-annually your system has a Preventative Maintenance completed.

If I try to manage costs by using exchange transducers from Conquest Imaging, will I be sacrificing quality or reliability?

Absolutely not, our Quality Assurance 360º probe program includes a five-step process designed to ensure you receive a high-quality, highly reliable replacement. All Conquest Imaging probes go through the First Call® system so you can be confident the probe exceeds OEM standards.

Is buying new ultrasound equipment always the best choice?

No, purchasing a quality, pre-owned ultrasound system that addresses your current imaging needs is an excellent way to maximize return on investment. It’s like buying a car. The minute the purchase is complete, 30% of the value is lost. So, you can purchase the same ultrasound system that may be less than six months old for 70% of what you would have paid for it new.

What should always be done when working on a system for the first time?

The most important rule of thumb when working on an ultrasound system for the first time is creating a back-up.

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