Tips and Tricks-May 2017

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Conquest Imaging joins AAMI in celebrating HTM Technology Management Week.
AAMI and Conquest Imaging Celebrate HTM Week!
Free Webinars and Half Price Training Classes

Register Now – Voluson E10 Troubleshooting Webinar

Conquest Imaging’s Director of Training, Jim Rickner discusses the care and

troubleshooting of GE’s most advanced new Ultrasound System, the Voluson E10. This

presentation will enable attendees to understand basics, troubleshooting techniques

and tips for the new Voluson e10 systems.The discussion will begin with an external

overview followed by system architecture including image formation, processing, display

and power subsystems.

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With the 2017 training season just getting underway, Conquest Imaging has

announced the roll out of a new training class at their Stockton Training Facility.

GE Voluson E10  “We’re the first in the nation to include the E10 system with our 2017

class offering” Director of Training, Jim Rickner said. “Many of these systems are just

now coming off OEM warranty, and the OEM charges up to $1700 for a two-hour

webinar. This class is geared towards those who purchased the system a few years ago

and are looking to do in-house support for their out-of-warranty work. “We keep the

enrollment capped at twelve students, for a better hands-on training experience.”

Conquest Imaging has invested over $100k in their training program this year, with two

new high-end systems and an Electronic Whiteboard that simulcasts lessons onto the

tablet computers provided for the students to take home with them.

This class will be a two-day training event, and will include Basics, PMs, System Hardware

Theory and Repairs. It is good for up to 16 hours of continuing education credits through

the AAMI recertification program. View AAMIS’s recert program here.

Ultrasound Tips and Tricks Video for May

In this installment of Tips and Tricks, we cover GE Logiq E9 backups and software

installation. This quick and easy Video shows step by step procedures. Feel free to use

our 24/7 tech support for any additional help you may need.

Ultrasound Tech Expert: Repair Articles

Troubleshooting ‘No Power’ Issues for Ultrasound
What exactly does it mean when your customer tells you that their ultrasound system

has “no power”? First, ask the customer, “When you hit the power button does anything

happen?Can you hear the system try to come on?” If the answer is yes, “Does it boot to

imaging? (Article…)

Creating a License Options File
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about their ongoing equipment maintenance. Thinking that way just makes good business

sense. Making it work takes ( Article…)

Proper Handling of Tee Probes
Taking the time to properly train your staff regarding the proper techniques for cleaning,

transporting and inspection can potentially save your facility thousands of dollars. Let’s

discuss some good practices that can prevent TEE probe damage. (Article)

Ghosting a Drive – Reduce Downtime
One of the most critical points of your ultrasound system is the hard drive. After all, the hard

drive holds the operating software, application software and the user defined presets, as well

as all of your option keys for the system. (Article…)

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