Our dedicated service engineers are trained on all major makes and models and are equipped to complete repairs as quickly as possible. By adhering to our First Time Fix© philosophy, the percentage of repairs completed on the first visit are the highest in the industry. This is accomplished by:

  • The most advanced training available
  • Comprehensive tools and test equipment
  • The support of internal repair and technical support engineers
  • Extensive system backups, service history and configurations
  • Vast inventory of Quality Assurance 360⁰ Certified parts
  • The most extensive preventative maintenance process in the industry

We offer multiple service plans to meet your needs and your budget. We can also create a custom plan just for you. The heart of all service plans is our Preventative Maintenance process which not only assures your system is performing optimally but also meets all accreditation organizations’ standards such as: Accreditation Certified (AC), Intersocietal (is this spelled right?) Accreditation Commission (IAC), the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) requirements.

Annual Platinum Bronze Copper VIP PM
Periodic Maintenance Two Accreditation Certified Two Accreditation Certified One Accreditation Certified One Accreditation Certified
Discounted Parts Free on all Parts 10% on all Parts 5% on all Parts Included*
Technical Support Free 24/7 Phone Free 24/7 Phone Free 24/7 Phone N/A
Discounted Labor Free 7am to 5pm 24% off our competitive rates 16% off our competitive rates Included*
Discounted Travel Free 7am to 5pm 40% off our competitive rates 16% off our competitive rates Included*

*The Pre-Paid VIP PM includes parts and labor for your annual PM. If we spot a need for repair while conducting the PM, we will discuss it with you that day. Upon your authorization, we will repair that system at 10% off parts, labor & travel as long as repair is ordered that day.



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