SIMPLIFYTM, Conquest Imaging’s fast, easy portable repair solution provides you with a quality, cost-effective repair alternative. The Fast Track Program eliminates the need for a formal evaluation and quote; this program allows you immediate repair for your out-of-warranty

portable system.  Contact us for your RMA number and send in your system today.

Click here for our portable system repair Flat Rate Pricing.

Contact us for a quote on your Ultrasound Portable System repair.

Conquest can receive and repair your portable system and return it to you in perfect working order quickly. SIMPLIFY is the  better alternative for your portable repair needs, providing a 6 month repair warranty for your out of manufacturer’s warranty portable ultrasound.


SonoSite: Micromaxx, M-Turbo, Titan, 180, S Series

GE: call for capabilities

Philips call for capabilities


  • 95%+ repair rate
  • All repairs conducted at state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 certified repair facility
  • 6-month repair warranty

Customer Care

  • Responsive customer care team
  • 3-day turn around in most cases from date of approval
  • 40-60% savings versus OEM repair pricing
  • Free portable evaluation**

Program Options

  • Fast Track Program: send us your portable with your PO valued at the flat rate repair price and we repair your portable within 3-5 days.
  • Straight Repair Programsend us your portable, we assess and quote the repair within 48 hours.  Once repaired, we send your portable back to you. Turn-around time is 3-5 days from day of approval.
  • Portable/Probe Program: send us your portable and your corresponding SonoSite probes and we will assess and quote your portable at no cost* and the probes for free.  Once repaired, we send your portable and your probes back to you.  SonoSite systems only.

*Portable Evaluation fee of $550 waived if repair order received by Conquest Imaging

**Upon order of SonoSite portable repair we will evaluate its corresponding probes at no cost.

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