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2018 Training Catalog

New Ultrasound Bootcamp added to the 2017 Training Calendar. Now accepting Students!

December 2017

4th-8th-Ultrasound Bootcamp

Session 1


27th -Ultrasound Basics

28th – Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM


1st-2nd – Philips iU22/iE33

5th-6th – Philips EPIQ 5/7

7th – SonoSite Portables

13th – Ultrasound Basics

14th – Multivendor Accredidation PM/DICOM

15th-16th – GE Logiq E9/Vivid E9

19th-20th – GE Voluson E8/E10

27th – Ultrasound Basics

28th – Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

29th – 30th -SiemensS2000/SC2000


2nd-3rd – Toshiba Aplio Series

9th-13th – Ultrasound Bootcamp

9th – Ultrasound Basics/Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

10th-11th – Philips iU22/iE33

12th-13th – GE Logiq E9/Vivid E9

Session 2


1st – Ultrasound Basics

2nd – Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

3rd-4th – GE Logiq E9/Vivid E9

7th-8th – GE Voluson E8/E10

9th- SonoSite Portables

15th – Ultrasound Basics

16th – Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

17th-18th – SiemensS2000/SC2000

21st-22nd – Toshiba Aplio Series


5th -Ultrasound Basics

6th -Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

7th-8th – Philips iU22/iE33

11th-12th – Philips EPIQ 5/7

25th-29th – Ultrasound Bootcamp

25th – Ultrasound Basics/Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

26th-27th – Philips iU22/iE33

28th-29th – GE Logiq E9/Vivid E9

Session 3


7th-Ultrasound Basics

8th-Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

9th-10th -SiemensS2000/SC2000

13th-14th – Toshiba Aplio Series

15th – SonoSite Portables

21st – Ultrasound Basics

22nd – Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

23rd-24th – Philips iU22/iE33

27th-28th – Philips EPIQ 5/7


11th – Ultrasound Basics

12th – Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

13th-14th – GE Logiq E9/Vivid E9

17th – 18th – GE Voluson E8/E10

24th-28th – Ultrasound Bootcamp

24th – Ultrasound Basics/Multivendor Accreditation PM/DICOM

25th-26th – Philips iU22/iE33

27th-28th – Philips EPIQ 5/7

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