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Always Have System Backups

ALWAYS have at least 2 contemporary backups for each of your systems. Having these can and will save you and your customer hours of unnecessary … Read more

Ultrasound Service Preventative Maintenance Standards

TechNation BioMed Magazine  – In this article, ultrasound preventative maintenance standards and intervals will be addressed. This may seem like a straight-forward topic but, as you will … Read more

Sequoia Network

Loss of network communication or structured reports on Sequoia systems is very common. This problem can be easily fixed by reloading the customer’s configuration file … Read more

Transmit Zone Tip

On all ultrasound systems, a sonographer has the option to use multiple transmit or focal zones. This appears as multiple “<” along the vertical scale … Read more

Philips IX Filter Cleaning Tip

The Philips iE33 and iU22 system’s power supplies tend to overheat if filters are not cleaned REGULARLY.  Depending on the environment, this may mean monthly. … Read more

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