Identifying the Correct Ultrasound Parts

Identifying the correct parts for your ultrasound system is critical for timely and effective repairs. With the rapid advancement in technology in the ultrasound world, … Read more

Using a laptop as an ultrasound support and diagnostic tool

I am currently flying over Texas on my way to the MD Expo in Washington, D.C., to not only exhibit but to present a class … Read more

A sharper ultrasound image

Image quality is one of the most difficult issues to resolve when it comes to ultrasound. Many variables go into creating and fine-tuning an image, … Read more

Migrating ultrasound service in-house: fatal error

Several years ago, we developed and began delivering a presentation on the advantages, mechanics and pitfalls of migrating ultrasound service from the OEM to in-house … Read more

Care of Ultrasound Transducers

This month we are going to examine the care of transducers/probes/scan heads. There are many different manufacturers of transducers today, even within a single manufacturer … Read more

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